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Kung Fu Jimmy Chow, Episode 3


Farewell, Jimmy Chow In Which He Will Die! Lesbian?
Rainbow Ren follows Jimmy to his next job opportunity at a video game store. Will a hoard of Purple Ninjas be able to defeat Jimmy's happy awesome Wii Numchuck action? And a new villain emerges.

Created by Bob Cesca and John Christian Plummer
Jason Nash as Jimmy Chow
Maia Guest as Rainbow Ren, The Fangirls, And The Purple Lady
Bob Cesca & John Christian Plummer as The Purple Ninjas
John Christian Plummer as The Master Joon Ree
Charlie Plummer-Guest as The Little Boy
Animation by Joel & Tom Moser, Ben Brigham
Character Designs by Glenn Andrean
Storyboards, Edit & Sound Design by Bob Cesca
CG Models by Joel Moser, Pedram Shohadai, Floyd Bishop
Theme Song by Billy Sherwood
Japanese Translations by Mishi Sherwood