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Kung Fu Jimmy Chow, Episode 5


O The Garden Temple Of Sunshine And Little Remembrances Of The Past Pluperfect
Jimmy Chow tells Rainbow Ren about his teacher, The Master Chen, and recounts the story of the night when he became a Kung Fu Master. Then, the Purple Lady's new sinister weapon prepares for a brutal attack.

Created by Bob Cesca and John Christian Plummer
Jason Nash as Jimmy Chow and Young Jimmy Chow
Maia Guest as Rainbow Ren and The Purple Lady
John Christian Plummer as The Master Chen
Charlie Plummer-Guest as The Little Boy
Direction, Storyboards, Edit & Sound Design by Bob Cesca
Animation by Joel & Tom Moser, Ben Brigham
Character Designs by Glenn Andrean
CG Models by Joel Moser, Pedram Shohadai, Elia Filippone, Floyd Bishop
Theme Song by Billy Sherwood
Japanese Translations by Michi Sherwood