Snark Rocket Studios

Kung Fu Jimmy Chow, Episode 9


Longing To See The Forms Of Kung Fu In The Guise Of The Dirty Creatures! And Such As!
Jimmy Chow meets the squishy creature called Master Ming Ming. But is this reincarnated kung fu critter a friend or an enemy?

Created by Bob Cesca and John Christian Plummer
Jason Nash as Jimmy Chow
Maia Guest as Rainbow Ren, Yuu Fat, and Master Ming Ming (Girl Form)
Bob Cesca & John Christian Plummer as The Purple Ninjas
Charlie Plummer-Guest as The Little Boy
Bob Cesca as Master Ming Ming (Fetal Creature Form)

Direction, Storyboards, Edit & Sound Design by Bob Cesca
Animation by Joel & Tom Moser
Character Designs by Glenn Andrean
CG Models by Joel Moser, Pedram Shohadai, Elia Filippone, Floyd Bishop
Theme Song by Billy Sherwood