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'Farewell, Manga Squad' Pilot Presentation

Farewell, Manga Squad was co-created by Bob Cesca and John Christian Plummer.

In the year 2108, the Nekro-Mart Retail Empire attacked the Earth.

Their plan: replace the Earth with a planet-sized Nekro-Mart Superstore.

But an unlikely team of heroes called THE MANGA SQUAD received a message from a distant alien planet telling of a device that could destroy the massive Nekro-Mart fleet.

The Manga Squad's mission: travel thousands of light years aboard their powerful and mysterious space battleship to retrieve the alien weapon, and save the Earth from total destruction.

Meanwhile, the Manga Squad and the Nekro-Mart fleet are joined by embedded news reporters from Earth's last cable news network.

Farewell, Manga Squad! And good freakin' luck.