Snark Rocket Studios

Meat Loaf: The Monster Is Loose

Directed by
Bob Cesca, Joe Costantini, Tom Costantini

Joe Costantini, Tom Costantini, Sarah Gencarelli, Greg Kleid, Mark Pingitore, Justin Sadowski, Micelle Lehman

Edit and Sound Design by
Bob Cesca

Iron Maiden: The Flight of Icarus

Camp Chaos produced a total of six music videos for Iron Maiden for their Visions of the Beast DVD.

Iron Maiden: Run to the Hills

Yes: 'Don't Go' Music Video

Summer 2001. Single-camera video shot and edited by Bob Cesca in Holmdel, New Jersey for the Yes DVD release 'YesSymphonic Live'.

Everclear: AM Radio Music Video

The Camp Chaos animated music video for Everclear's AM Radio.

Yes Symphonic CG Introduction

One of our very early CG efforts for the introductory sequence of the YesSymphonic Live DVD. For this DVD release, we also produced the cover design, a making-of documentary, various animated graphic overlays for the concert and, of course, the official music video for the song "Don't Go".