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Napster Bad: Sue All The World

Sue all the World

From July, 2000. Anti-Napster rock stars gather for this charity single.

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Napster Bad

Napster Bad

From May, 2000. Six years later and we still get hate mail.


Napster Bad: Metallica Millionaire


From July, 2000. Remember the Millionaire show? Well, this has James Hetfield on it.

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Napster Bad: Metallicops


From June, 2000. Lars and James cruise the streets hunting for music pirates.

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Napster Bad: Good or Goblin?

Good or Goblin

From July, 2000. Nutty McShithead's first appearance. Possibly our favorite of the Napster series.

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Napster Bad: Bizarro Napster Bad


From March 2001. A Metallica knock-off band lashes out at Napster users. This was definitely the last of the series.

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Napster Bad: Napster Dead?

Napster Dead

From August 2000. Lars, James, McShithead, and a naked beer bathtub celebration. We pretty much ran out of Napster-related ideas at this point.

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