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Nippleman: The Video Game

Nippleman Game

The 8-bit classic Nippleman Video Game. Defeat the evil forces of Nutty McShithead, the Grabasstic Man, and the Pizza Box Chef. Play as Teat-Mutt or Nippleman and unlock secret easter eggs.

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Nippleman: The Pizza Box Chef

Nippleman TSMASET

From February, 2003 as part of 'The Second Most Amazing Story Ever Told.'

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Nippleman: The Grabasstic Man, Part One

Nippleman 3

From August, 2002. Grabasstic Man invades Five Flags: Shit Yourself Dry.

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Nippleman: 'Tying Me Up' Music Video

Nippleman Video

From August, 2001. Every cartoon needs a cheesy video featuring clips from the show. The song, however, is awesome. Written and performed by Johnstown (formerly The Movies).

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Nippleman: Shithead Kidnaps Shithead, Part Two

Nippleman 2

From May, 2001. The phone company thwarts Nippleman's escape from Nutty's dungeon.

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Nippleman: Shithead Kidnaps Shithead, Part One

Nippleman 1

From April, 2001. Nippleman attempts to rescue George W. Bush from certain poopy death.

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Nutty's Nipple Clamps

Nipple Clamps

From March, 2001. A man made of shit selling sex toys. Yeah. But Nippleman & Teat-Mutt make their first animated appearance.

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