Snark Rocket Studios

VH1 ILL-ustrated

The following are selected shorts from our TV series ILL-ustrated which ran for two successful seasons on both VH1 and MTV2 in 2003 and 2004, with reruns airing to the present day.

We sold the idea for an animated sketch comedy show -- the first of its kind -- to VH1 in 2001 based on the success of our online Flash cartoons and ILL-ustrated went on to routinely lead the network (VH1) in the ratings for 18-34 males, and has aired in nearly a dozen nations worldwide including Australia, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, France, Italy and Germany where, like Hasselhoff, it's a cult hit.

Yogi Bush

Axl Rose Works at McDonald's

SpongeBong Hemp Pants - Scoring Seaweed

The SpongeBong Hemp Pants shorts never actually aired on ILL-ustrated due to concerns about sister network Nickelodeon. But on YouTube, the SpongeBong shorts have received literally millions of views. In other words, the shorts went on to become yet another Camp Chaos viral phenomenon.

SpongeBong Hemp Pants - Another Hashbrick

SpongeBong Hemp Pants - Crystal Meth

Courtney Love Rocks

Sly and Arnold Sleepover

The Time Pervs

Weekend At Bush's

Harry Potter and The Prisoners of Puberty